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Risk Assessment of Underground Subway Stations to Fire Disasters Using Bayesian Network

Wu, J. and Hu, Z. and Chen, J. and Li, Z.
Subway station fires often have serious consequences because of the high density of people and limited number of exits in a relatively enclosed space. In this study, a comprehensive model based on Bayesian network (BN) and the Delphi method is established for the rapid and dynamic assessment of the fire evolution process, and consequences, in underground subway stations. Based on the case studies of typical subway station fire accidents, 28 BN nodes are proposed to represent the evolution process of subway station fires, from causes to consequences. Based on expert knowledge and consistency processing by the Delphi method, the conditional probabilities of child BN nodes are determined. The BN model can quantitatively evaluate the factors influencing fire causes, fire proof/intervention measures, and fire consequences. The results show that the framework, combined with Bayesian network and the Delphi method, is a reliable tool for dynamic assessment of subway station fires. This study could offer insights to a more realistic analysis for emergency decision-making on fire disaster reduction, since the proposed approach could take into account the conditional dependency in the fire propagation process and incorporate fire proof/intervention measures, which is helpful for resilience and sustainability promotion of underground facilities.
Posted 29 Oct 2018 · Open Link · Link