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Bayesian Artificial Intelligence


Kevin B. Korb and Ann E. Nicholson
Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University, Clayton, Victoria 3800 Australia

Bayesian Artificial Intelligence (2010) is the second edition of a new textbook, published by CRC Press. This web page specifically supports that book with supplementary material, including networks for use with problems and an updated appendix reporting Bayesian net and causal discovery tools.

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Please note that suggested answers to (selected) problems will not be made available other than by email. We would also like to note that our book, like any other, must contain errors; if you spot any, we would much appreciate your emailing the information to one of us.


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Book Launch Videos

Ann Nicholson on some history of how the book came together. Kevin Korb on the (Technological) Singularity being far.

Example Bayesian Nets

Name Description/Source Text reference(s) Network
ALARM Monitoring patients in intensive care
[Beinlich et al., 1992]
[2.8][Problem 11][p54]
[5.2.2][Figure 5.2][p136]
[9.8.2][Quantitative Evaluation][p287]
[8.7][Problem 4][p253]
[8.7][Problem 5][p253]
Asia Medical diagnosis of lung disease
[Lauritzen & Spiegelhalter, 1988]
[2.5.3][Figure 2.8 (a)][p45]
Asia (BAI version) L&S network with TBorC node removed [2.5.3][Figure 2.8 (b)][p45] Netica
Cancer (Neapolitan) Network used in problems in BAI [2.8][Problem 11][p54]
[8.7][Problem 4][p253]
[8.7][Problem 5][p253]
Lung Cancer Medical diagnosis of lung cancer (P(Smoker})=0.3) [2.2][Example Problem: Lung Cancer][p30]
[2.2.2][Figure 2.1][p31]
[][Lung Cancer Example][p338-339]
Lung Cancer DN Decision network version of lung cancer
(Treatment action node, single utility node)
[10.6.1][Figure 10.23][p343] Netica
Car Diagnosis For diagnosing faults causing problems starting car
Norsys Software Corp (structure only, no CPTs)
Tutorial example, Netica 1.12 Netica
D-separation example Example used for d-separation problem in BAI [2.8][Problem 8][p53]
[8.7][Problem 4][p253]
[8.7][Problem 5][p253]
Earthquake Pearl's example about earthquake or burglary setting off alarm
[Pearl, 1988; Russell & Norvig 1995]
[2.5.1][Figure 2.6][p43]
Earthquake (extended) Earthquake extended with additional node "PhoneRings" [3.2.1][Figure 3.2][p62] Netica
Fever (DN) Decision whether to take aspirin for fever reduction [4.3.5][Fever Example][p104]
[4.3.5][Figure 4.5][p104]
Fever (DBN) Fever network represented by two-slice DDN [4.6][Figure 4.15][p119] Netica
Fire Fire alarm caused by fire or tampering [10.3.4][Example: Fire alarm][p313]
[10.3.4][Figure 10.9][p314]
Football Bet (Simple) (DN) Decision whether to accept a football bet,
including only weather, result, single utility node
[4.3.2][Football team example][p100-101] [4.3.2][Figure 4.3][p100] Netica
Football Bet (Extended) (DN) Football Bet Simple extended with forecast node [4.3.4][Figure 4.4][p103] Netica
LearningEg Example Example used in problems of BAI [8.7][Problem 2, 3, 4, 5][p252-253] Netica
Medical test (DN) Decision whether to run a test before deciding on treatment [10.6.1][Figure 10.24][p345] Netica
Metastatic cancer Medical diagnosis of metastatic cancer
[Cooper, 1984; Spiegelhalter 1986; Pearl 1988]
(refered to in text as "Cancer_Neapolitan.dne";see comment in Netica version)
[2.5.2][Metastatic cancer][p44]
[2.5.2][Figure 2.7][p44]
[3.5][Figure 3.8][p69]
Pearl version (Netica)
Neapolitan version (Netica)
Neapolitan version (Hugin)
Metastatic cancer (adhoc) Ad-hoc clustered version of metastatic cancer [3.5.1][Figure 3.9][p70] None
Missing Car Has the missing car been stolen or borrowed by daughter? [10.7][Modeling example: missing car][p347] [10.7][Figure 10.28][p349] Netica
Missing Car DN Extension to Missing Car with decision as to notify police [10.7][Figure 10.29][p352] None
Mobile Robot Robot detects and tracks moving object without getting lost [4.6.1][Mobile robot example][p119]
[4.6.1][Figure 4.16][p120]
Real Estate Investment (DN) Two-decision example: (a) have inspection done
(b) whether to buy or not
[4.4.2][Real estate investment example][p107]
[4.4.2][Figure 4.8][p108]
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