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What are Bayesian Networks?

Bayesian Intelligence provides a range of consulting services relating to development, learning and training for Bayesian networks and causal modelling. (See our services.)

Bayesian networks are flexible and intuitive graphical models of systems of variables having unknown and uncertain interrelations. We embrace all forms of Bayesian networks:

  • Discrete and continuous
  • Exact and stochastic
  • Flat and hierarchical
  • Causal and predictive
  • Bayesian or frequentist

They efficiently perform probabilistic inference given observations — for example, rapidly updating the probability of a disease given the outcome of a diagnostic test. They are also a very natural way to represent and reason about causality, and we believe that the combination of causality and Bayesian reasoning is what makes them special.

How to model with Bayesian networks (Quick introductory guide)

Bayesian networks - Wikipedia (For more general information)


Dr Owen Woodberry is a Director and Senior Consultant at Bayesian Intelligence. He has worked in Bayesian networks since 2003, when he completed an honours project on developing a model of native fish populations in the Goulburn Broken Catchment, Victoria. He specializes in ecological models, knowledge engineering BNs, teaching and support tool development.

Dr Steven Mascaro is a Director and Senior Consultant at Bayesian Intelligence. He began working with BNs in 2006, contributing to the development of Monash University's BN-based poker playing bot. He specializes in machine learning BNs, data mining, computer simulation and BN automation tools. He also has extensive experience with web application development.

Prof Ann E. Nicholson cofounded Bayesian Intelligence with Dr Kevin Korb in 2007. She is a professor at Monash University who specializes in Bayesian network modelling. She is an expert in dynamic Bayesian networks (BNs), planning under uncertainty, user modelling, Bayesian inference methods and knowledge engineering BNs.
Dr Kevin B. Korb, recently retired, cofounded Bayesian Intelligence with Prof Ann Nicholson in 2007. He continues to engage in research on the theory and practice of causal discovery of Bayesian networks (aka data mining with BNs), machine learning, evaluation theory, the philosophy of scientific method and informal logic.
Kevin Korb and Ann Nicholson are co-authors of a textbook Bayesian Artificial Intelligence (Chapman Hall / CRC Press, 2010). This book was chosen as an Outstanding Academic Title by Choice Magazine, a publication of the American Library Association, where selection is made based on "excellence in scholarship and presentation, the significance of their contribution to the field, and their value as important — often the first — treatment of their subject.'' Favourable reviews of this text have appeared in 5 international journals, including the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society A, 167(3), 572. Korb and Nicholson have developed and presented tutorials and short-courses on BN technology at conferences and to industry since 1999.

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