We provide a wide range of consulting services in the use of Bayesian network technology:

  • Knowledge Engineering. We can help clients build Bayesian network models of their problem domains. We can work with domain experts to help articulate their understanding of a problem or system showing aspects of uncertainty. We have software tools available for simplifying and validating the elicitation of causal relationships, probabilistic dependencies and probabilities.

  • Data Mining. Causal discovery algorithms can automatically find the best Bayesian networks for explaining sample data (e.g., data bases of information) when the variables sampled are related to each other directly or indirectly. These algorithms can be tuned using the results of knowledge engineering with experts to find useful solutions more rapidly. We also have experience with many other data mining methods, including predictive Bayesian networks, classification trees and graphs, and time series analysis.

  • Training. We offer training in all of the Bayesian network techniques we use, ranging from introductory overviews, to in-depth theoretical treatments or to hands-on application training. We also offer training in the use of Netica.

  • Programming. We can tailor tools to particular software environments or program stand-alone solutions.

  • Solutions. We can package any of these services together in whatever combination you need. Ongoing maintenance, including support and enhancement, is negotiable.