Science Slam

The Science Slam final will be held in few days in Cologne. The English-speaking world needs something like this as well! (see the list of countries at wikipedia.) What is the Science Slam?

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Was ist ein Science Slam?

The Science Slam offers students and researchers an opportunity to present their research projects in an entertaining 10-minute show on stage.

In contrast to a Poetry Slam any sort of aid is allowed: Power point, props or live experiments are welcome. When the Science Slam ends, the audience decides which Slammer goes home the winner.

The aim of Science Slam is to encourage scientists to present their work in a clear and easily understandable way. At the same time, the entertaining lectures for non-specialist audiences give people the chance to get infected by the enthusiasm of the slammers for their projects. Although research is the focus here, the scientific value of the lecture plays a subordinate role. Rather, the emphasis is on communication, and on showing the public what young scientists are devoting their energies to.


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