Welcome to Bayesians Without Borders! In this blog we will demystify Bayesian technology and non-statistical Bayesian analysis. Topics will include: Bayesian networks of all varieties and all varieties of their application; Bayesian risk assessment; learning Bayesian networks; naive Bayes models; decision analysis and intelligent decision support; causal reasoning; Bayesian inference and argument analysis; Bayesian confirmation theory and philosophy of science. Applications we expect to deal with include: environmental management; biosecurity; bioinformatics; Bayes and the law. However, the applicability of Bayesian technology is limited only by the applicability of probability theory, so we will go well beyond these examples. (For the occasional technical post, we've added a notation page for ready reference.)

We will be inviting Bayesian researchers and analysts to post here on a semi-regular basis. In addition to your comments on posts, which are highly welcome (but will be moderated), we are open to suggestions about topics on which to post, authors or unsolicited posts from you, which we will consider for publication. From time to time we may also post a precis or review of a relevant book.

Bayesians without Borders is meant to be a call to Bayesians everywhere to discuss, critique and inform the public of Bayesian ideas and methods.